In the world of cars, limousines stand out for their unique size and style. Limousines are exotic vehicles that are mostly used for luxurious wedding transport, airport service, etc.

Limousines come with a wide range of amenities such as TVs, DVDs, full bars, sunroofs, karaoke machines, Jacuzzi, depending on the size and the make. Limousines ooze comfort and exquisite class with models ranging from hummer limos to Mercedes, then to more expensive car brands such as Bentley, Cadillac, and Rolls-Royce. Limousines are always appealing to the eyes and make heads turn as they move around town. All limousines are designed like conventional cars but they are lengthier, spacious and have extra amenities that improve their functions, unlike regular cars.

Limousines can be broadly categorized into regular and stretched limousines. The differences are outlined below.

REGULAR LIMOUSINES – Regular limos are suitable for short trips and are perfect for business trips, airport runs, and a few special events. Riding this kind of limo to a business meeting leaves a lasting impression and greatly influence people’s perception of you. A regular limo can accommodate about 2-3 people

STRETCHED LIMOUSINES – Stretched limos, on the other hand, are perfect for special occasions as they are more grandiose for those kinds of occasions. A stretched limo can perfectly accommodate up to 10 people. They are mostly used for weddings, club entrances, prom attendance, concerts and other such wonderful events.

While any type of limo will fit into either of these categories described above, this article will further describe different types of limousines and their specific features.

  1. Hummer limousines – this massive car can accommodate up to 20 people. Most hummer limousines are perfect for outings where you want your presence felt. They come with multiple TV screens in different compartments, video game slots, a small bar and sometimes a mini-casino.
  2. Sedan limousines – Sedan limousines will fall on the lowest rung of the ladder if limousines were arranged in order of features and cost. They are cheap and perfect for business trips. They are smaller and can only accommodate a maximum of four people.
  3. SUV limousines – perfect for family vacations or road trips as they mostly come with complete family entertainment packages such as TV sets, spacious seating, bars etc. All these combined make the travel experience comfortable.
  4. Limo or party buses – this is a good stretch limo that is perfect for hosting parties on the road. That kind of parties where you enjoy the drinks alongside the thrill of a moving vehicle. They are usually fully furnished with restrooms, disco floors, drinking zones, poles, smoke machines, karaoke equipment, etc. Limo buses can accommodate up to 30 people at once and are perfect for birthday parties and other sorts of celebrations.
  5. Lincoln limousine – This limo works perfectly for all business trips, weddings, fun outings, etc and perfect in all situations without denying the passengers style, comfort and luxury every time.

As different car brands continue to mix out their limousine designs, thus it might affect limousine hire Melbourne. One thing they all ensure is strict compliance with the comfort, style, elegance, and class that comes with limousine cars.

Riding a limousine for any occasion is always an amazing experience.

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