Driving Down Memory Lane with the Iconic Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang needs no introduction in the automotive sector, as it is one of the most successful vehicles from Ford, since their Model A. Ford’s First Generation ‘Pony car’ was based on their Second Generation Falcon platform and was launched back in 1964 (although their VIN number stated 1965). This was five months before Ford’s 1965 spec vehicles were about to enter production. Hence, many still refer to this vehicle as the Mustang 1964.5.

Brief Lesson in the Mustang’s History:

Ford’s Mustang created a whole new class of vehicles in America that sported a long nose, short rear deck, with large hoods. It spawned rivals such as Chevrolet’s Camaro, First Generation Dodge Challenger, AMC Javelin, Plymouth Barracuda and Pontiac’s Firebird. Ford Mustang also deserves credit for inspiring vehicles such as the Ford Capri and Toyota Celica. The Mustang was officially unveiled for public viewing at the New York World Fair, on April 17, 1964, although production had commenced on March 9th, the same year.

The Mustang has evolved over time, although not all variants are as successful as Ford might have hoped. We have made a list of the Top 10 most popular and successful Mustangs of all time. Do fill in with your valuable inputs, if you recognize our shortcomings.

  • Mk.1 (1965) – This was the actual Holy Grail of Mustangs, as without it, we would never have had the First Generation. It is unique, powerful and cheap, a true bred American muscle. They however, are not as cheap as they used to be.
  • Boss 302 (2012) – Fast forward to modern years and the Boss 302 is definitely what every Mustang enthusiast would love to own. Apart from a powerful engine, which every Mustang had, Ford induced a feeling on precision and refinement in this vehicle. The level of balance and precision on this vehicle actually contradicts early ‘Stangs’.
  • Shelby GT350 (1965) – Caroll Shelby started tinkering with every new Mustang that rolled off the line and the GT350 is no exception. Magical things have been done together by Ford and Shelby over time and this vehicle is proof of their iconic partnership.
  • SVT Cobra (2003) – Even though this vehicle may not look like a conventional Mustang it is every bit a raw power that characterized the ‘Stang’. Smooth, suave and aerodynamic, this vehicle was not just capable of beating any vehicle on a drag strip, but was also capable of winning on the track, thanks to its lowered suspension.[
  • Boss 429 (1970) – What do you get when you combine a Mustang, race suspensions and a race prepped V8 power house? A Boss 429 of course! This vehicle broke all previous records of performance, setup by production vehicles in class. The 70s sure were the glory days!
  • Boss 302 (1970) – Muscle cars were America’s calling by the 70s and Ford had to defend its market shares from stiff competition. This is when some genius thought about the Boss and thank God he did! This vehicle went on to beat the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 at SCCA Trans Am Series.
  • Parnelli Jones / Saleen Edition – Not only is this an avid performer, it is a great handler too! Laden with custom touches to distinguish it from other creations, this vehicle had a special feel to it, from right across the parking lot!
  • Shelby GT350 (2011) – Despite the GT500’s additional features, the iconic Mustang GT350 still holds its own, when it comes o heritage. Shelby wanted to redefine this vehicle once again and they did precisely so, with the 2011 model. Displacing 624 BHP, this vehicle was refinement at its best.
  • Fox (1987) – This variant is known as the Fox, as it is based on Ford’s Fox platform. This vehicle was cheap and had every potential that a muscle car needed. You will love everything about this car, including the ‘5.0’ badges on both sides.

  • SVT Cobra (1993) – The best part about this car was that it was not an after-market tuned vehicle. It was factory tuned for maximum performance gains. Ford’s engineering prowess was showcased on his vehicle and if it hadn’t been for this car, we would have missed out on various high performance vehicles, including the F-150 Raptor SVT and 2003 SVT Cobra.

These vehicles – all variants of the original vision, known as a Mustang – are adjudged the best in range, according to us. You are quite welcome to make a few suggestions if you like!

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